Get essential data to make your team more productive and efficient

With the increasing flexibility in work hours, remote working, or compulsive work-from-home situations due to pandemic such as COVID 19, it has become difficult to assess the productivity of the team. Businesses will be in better shape to get the most out of their team’s time if they get to know how exactly and where the working time is spent. Workshots is a time and activity tracking software that helps businesses understand how and what their teams are doing at work in-office, work-from-home or work at a remote location.

Key features

Get all answers related to employees or hired resources working from one place!

Time Tracker

Rediscover a whole new aspect of Time Tracking & Management. Effective time tracking helps you maximize untapped potential.

Cost Tracker

Tracking cost minute-by-minute is no more a hassle with Workshots. Easily track billable hours or employee cost.

Project and Task Manager

Efficient Working Together. Ensure success of your task or project with team, task management and scheduling.

Attendance and Timesheets

Take pride in the job you do. Value your Time. Effortlessly record time spent on various projects and tasks.

Dashboard and Reports

Business performance in one simple dashboard. Measure and analyse important data on time, cost and teams.

Admin and Support

Ensure smooth operations. Organize your administration and IT support tasks better with the ticketing system.

So, now you don't need to login to many different softwares in order to learn the status of all these process parameters. Combined use of these tools gives you a complete picture of project work progress and the factors influencing it.

Workshots enables minute-by-minute tracking of where all your team's time is spent while at work. It sends you screenshots of your employees' work at regular time intervals– explicitly!

What is Workshots?

Workshots is an application, which your employees need to start and stop in order to allow tracking of their work-time and take their computer screenshots during work. It allows minute-by-minute tracking of where all your team's time is spent while at work. Company managers can see the time and screenshots through this application.

Workshots is NOT 'just another Time-Tracker'

Workshots integrates all the functionalities of Time-tracking, Time-Sheet Management, Project & Cost Tracking, Management-Reporting, Client-Reporting, Team Management, User Management, Task Scheduling and so on!

Available on:

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems