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About Us

About Us

In today's competitive world, who doesn't want to inculcate work ethic and productive work environment their company?

The truth is that people are different. Some are completely dedicated to their jobs, who would give all their time and skills to perform their duties, while others would indulge in unproductive activities, wasting large part of their day. Whether productive or not, they might be entitled to get the same salary. Unfortunately, you cannot even tell them apart, by just looking at their faces! This is exactly, where Workshots comes into play!

Workshots is an all-encompassing innovative tool to enable you to develop your business, increase the productivity of your employees, and achieve your business goals quickly and effectively. But, to achieve all this, you should first be in a position to:

  • Know what is happening in your office.
  • Know, whether your employees are performing their duties professionally and honestly.
  • Keep track of your employees' daily activities.

With this awesome tool, you can always stay on top of all the important information. It provides you with a detailed report to help you analyse the attendance of your employees along with their commitment to work. You will know who comes the first, and leaves the last, as well as how your employees use the company's computers.

So, once your employees install this simple yet expedient tool on their systems, you get to know what exactly you are paying your employees for. This not only lets you control your employees' activities by supervising those, but, it also makes your business management process smoother and more efficient.

Since you pay your employees for their time, you have all the rights to know what work they are producing in the time that you paid them for and how they are using your infrastructure, particularly, the computers.

Large number of small to big organizations is using this software to make a difference to their productivity. What are you waiting for?

If you are not sure whether Workshots will meet your requirements, feel free to download the free trial version.