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Project Cost Tracking Software | Automated Expense Management Tool

Cost Tracker


Service providers need to track billable hours of their resources. Similarly, employers want to keep track on their employee cost. Tracking cost minute-by-minute is no more a hassle with Workshots. This productivity tool lets you stay on top of your finances as you go along.

While almost all cost tracking apps let you to manually enter transactions, Workshots – Cost Tracking Tool effectively records and tracks all your project and/or department costs in sync with the time spent on all your projects. This allows you and your clients to view a clear picture of the value created for every buck spent on the project and/or department.


Tracking cost of your projects and/or department is not a dream anymore… Want to know how?

  • Hours are tracked in line with the project and/or department helping in clearly identifying costs associated with various tasks in the project and/or department.
  • Employees and/or resources can lodge both Offline hours spent on meeting, phone calls, research etc. as well as hours spent on computer system.
  • View hours and cost spent on a project/ task by users or by team wise.
  • Get email alerts and notifications on budgeted project cost.
  • View client billing summary on the basis of per hour and per day rates
  • Analyse estimated v/s actual cost and/or budget, profit or loss of the project.


  • Analyse employee's productivity which is important for the performance appraisal.
  • Service providers can analyse actual v/s estimated project costs which forms the basis for their pricing and strategy in future.
  • Gain trust of your clients by sharing transparent record of resource hours.
  • Leverage insights to improve practices and business