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Project & Task Manager


Team and task management are critical for the success of a project or a business function. Workshots Project and Task Management feature empowers task allocation, scheduling and consistent guidance to the teams. The team gets reminded of their tasks that are due so that they "Do it RIGHT and TIMELY". This feature lets managers or supervisors manage all aspects of Project and/or Task Management along with time and cost tracking in one single application.

Workshots makes it easy to manage project and tasks at every level in the business. Plan your project or business activities, assign tasks, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time. Breaking the league, Workshots has introduced project or business function management along with the individual and team’s time as well cost tracking to help you analyse the gaps and work upon weak areas with the objective of improving efficiency and profitability. It’s the reporting system of this application that gives it a cut above the rest.

Let's see how you will do it…


  • Create Project and/or Department, Business Function, or campaign
  • Assign Team members and Tasks
  • Define Roles and Responsibilities and Share with the team
  • Plan Project Development or Activities/ tasks/ Campaign in Business Function
  • Identify Critical Project Milestones and/or targets
  • Automated email alerts / task reminders
  • Track Progress
  • Share documents
  • Meeting & Calendar Sync
  • Email and Alerts on Tasks
  • Estimate Vs Actual Time and Cost


Project Comparison

The only measuring stick for a future project is your past project. Historic project performance provides insight for estimating the new project and helps you take evidence-based decisions on 'how long it is going to take', 'how much manpower needs to be deployed' and 'how much budget needs to be allocated'. Workshots Tasks and Project Management gives you insight on every aspect of projects to gauge future ones.

Allocating Resources

Allocation of resources requires your careful consideration as to which employees need to work on it, how much time team members should invest in it, and how many tools you will have to lend to its completion. Workshots Project and Tasks Management helps you with estimating this data too.

Measuring Results

Workshots lets you accurately measure the performance and progress on a project and/or task or business function. Analysis of data like time and cost on various projects and tasks lets you get a clearer picture of how the team has fared against expected results.

Enforcing Accountability

Knowing which employees should receive tasks and understanding how to delegate task and/or activities of the project or business function are all important factors to your business. Workshots allow you to enforce a higher standard of accountability amongst the team members. They know what's expected of them, down to the last, smallest task.

Keeping a Schedule

Running over schedule for a project and/or task or campaign and missing your deadlines cost you in a number of ways including losing your clients and blowing your budget. Workshots Project and Task Management brings efficient tracking to keep a tab on the progress as per the time schedule.