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Dashboard & Reports


Workshots Dashboard and Reports let you measure and analyse important data on time, cost and teams with respect to projects, business function and tasks. The insight helps in improving overall operational efficiency. It imparts a clear insight into where your team's time is spent and what is the cost of operations which lets you steer it in right direction:

Imagine, how great it would be, if you could

  • Take quick look at overall productivity of your team on the Dashboard.
  • Analyse online, offline and idle time to understand team and individuals.
  • Analyse and therefore act to control issues like unreasonable amounts of time spent on particular site or email.
  • Know the extent to which certain applications are used in your company to decide on their cost-justification
  • Study the efficiency levels of your team at different hours of the day in order to avoid scheduling your team meetings at the 'peak efficiency level' times


  • Dashboard comprising of working hours summary, time logged by project/department, time logged by users, weekly summary, top and bottom performing members, real time view of team’s working.
  • Team Attendance .
  • Real time record of hours spent on a various tasks, project, and activities.
  • Reports on all tasks and their status.
  • Report on the actual vs. planned progress to date.
  • Historical data to analyse employee performance.
  • View, print or email your Project and/or Task Progress Reports


Project / Task Status Reports

Workshots is a great communication tool to update your team, manager, sponsor or client on how the project and/or task is progressing. At a glance, it communicates what the team has accomplished and what still needs to be accomplished. This report helps you show to that the project and/or task is on track and has been well managed.

If you are a service provider then you can also grant your clients the privilege to login and get first-hand look at the project’s progress and work records of the team members involved. This brings in transparent and effective client reporting along with saving your time and effort

Project / Task Progress Report

Project/ Task Progress Reports are key elements of management and helps you to identify if you're on track or behind a deadline. With the help of Workshots Dashboard and Reports you can compare the actual time spent on each task or milestone with the time that was planned to accomplish those. You can see whether or not, you're on track to meet your deadline.

User Task Summary Report

User Task Summary Reports can be prepared from the work records information. It provides statistics based on tasks completion status (includes both open and closed tasks) of the project / team members.


A timesheet gives a comprehensive view of actual working hours of each of your team members along with their total log hours. Apart from showing user's actual progress in the project/ task versus that planned, it also tells the total effort and cost that’s invested in the project/ department to date.