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Admin & Support


Your company's Administration and IT department need the right resources to perform their jobs quickly and efficiently. Workshots Admin and Support Management enables them to organize their work better and perform their tasks proficiently through a ticketing system. The requester gets can raise request in the system and support team marks this as resolved once done. This is along with the ticket prioritization as well to help the requester raise the issue as critical, urgent or normal.

The system captures important data such as number of tickets raised, resolution time etc. from the perspective of analytics

Irrespective of the team-size of your Administration and IT department, it is important for you to have a system to better manage and address routine IT issues arising in your company through a system. Many issues can arise even when managing just 4-10 computers. This implies that even the small to medium sized organizations need an Admin and IT support web application


  • Workshots has a built in Admin and Support portal and helpdesk to manage all ticket requests.
  • It tracks help tickets by user, asset, due date, & more.


  • Address routine Admin and IT issues in your company a lot more efficiently.
  • Saves your employees from wasting their valuable time on efforts to approach the IT Team.
  • Ensure security as IT support can check and control everything remotely.
  • You can manage user request tickets, organize your work, and assign tasks to your help desk team.
  • Receive help tickets via web, email, or even smart phone.
  • Analyse frequency and types of issues mostly received