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Time Tracker


Time tracking is often mistaken as spying by management. Yes, over 91% of resources feel all time tracking systems are nothing more than spying tools of management. This often comes from the complicated and not so user-friendly tools being used.

Rediscover a whole new aspect of Time Tracking & Management. Effective time tracking helps both the management as well individual to maximize untapped potential. As soon as you and your team members log on to our smart interface, the timer is turned on.

If you are service provider, then time tracking helps you in focus on effective utilization of resource’s time so that you never have to lose a billable minute. Real time tracking also helps you with actual data while sending across bill to your client. You can easily employ this information of the tracked time for transparent billing process.


Let's have a sneak look at how our 360 Degree time management will empower you:

  • Track Time and Offline activities
  • View Screenshots and Activities
  • Track Time Team-wise
  • Track Time Project-wise

Track Time and Offline Activities

The application automatically monitors time and activities on the computer. But an employee or hired resource may spend some time in offline tasks such as meetings, calls or exploration to do a job well. Employee or resource needs to follow a few simple steps to add your offline hours specifying task-details to add such hours in the daily timesheet management. If you are a service provider then you may further classify these offline activities as billable or non-billable hours to your clients.

View Screenshots and Activities

Each screenshot can be reviewed individually with the following information:

  • Full-resolution screenshots at a fixed interval (interval can be custom-set).
  • The number of mouse clicks and keystrokes during that period.
  • The active application within that period.

Track Time by Team

For collaborative projects and/or functions within a department that involves a team of members, every individual can track their time, and the team-manager/ department head gets a team view of all the time tracked for the project and/or department to know how much time is being spent, where and how.

Track Time by Project

Who's going to manage a particular project you have on the go? Decide, designate and track your team/individual times on project basis, also enables your clients to get a first hand view of his project-progress.


Supervise the users: Get detailed account of working hours and breaks.

Project/ Task overview: Summarize time applied to each project milestone/ task.

Overall Productivity: Analyse overall productivity across teams.

Compare users: See most active users and their tasks and activities

Supervise the Computers: You can now conveniently monitor the company's network with this tool.

Software usage justification: Determine how often software is used and by whom, to help important decisions on licensing of software.

Internet use: You can now control online time and web usage