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Attendance & Timesheet


Which is the asset your company values the most? We all know, it is the time that workforce employs in the company and/or project. Workshots lets your employees effortlessly log their time for all the tasks and/or projects.

Workshots, you can look back on your employees' timesheet to find out how much time they have spent on their core function, tasks or projects on a daily/weekly basis. It lets you have instant access to all the information rather than having to skim through various paper documents or worksheets. This is what makes Workshots the simple and easiest solution available in market for timesheet and attendance management.


  • Manage timesheets to the level of details required by each department and/or project.
  • Compatible with portable devices, timesheet has remote access and can be entered using smartphone or tablets on the go.
  • Track time by project, phase, task and/or department. Add any notes or descriptions required.
  • Timesheets format allows segregation between hours billable to your client and the non-billable hours providing ease in project and time-billing to your client.
  • Integrated workflow for approval of timesheets and offline work hours by the management.
  • Better project tracking and status reporting as timesheet is integrated with the project tracking.
    This automatically updates time and tasks of the employees working on that project.
  • Real-time updating of project and/ task status and results against key deliverables.


  • Useful in transparency and efficiency of payroll processing and client billing.
  • Accurate project / task costing, estimation, tracking and management.
  • Compare budgeted project and/or function cost versus actual costs.
  • Data analytics for measuring employee performance. This forms the basis for getting sustained performance of employees, reassignment or reallocation of work.
  • Helps you identify tasks found challenging by the team.
  • Get accurate and vital information on time, costs and resources involved in a function and/or project. Use this data for budgeting.